What is this?

I'll post some tutorials, theorems, proofs, examples, and problems on things related to math, machine learning, data analytics, and statistical methods. Maybe some other things.

Who are you?

I'm James.

I dig doing math — topology and algebra are my main focus — and learning new things. I've been getting heavy into statistics, machine learning, and data analytics for a few years and this blog is my attempt at helping other people learn some stuff.

Besides math, I'm a big fan of Python. I'll probably include some of that here, too.

Sometimes I speedrun video games. Sometimes I do photography. Sometimes I bike all over the place.

My favorite fruit is a pomelo and my favorite plant is a dusty miller.

Can I Donate To You?

This blog will always be free-to-use and ad-free. In harder times, I asked for donations to support the server costs.

A pretty cute dachshund named Ruby that I used to live with.

If you feel like donating to me, instead give your donation to the Midwest Dachshund Rescue so they can continue to rescue and help dachshunds. They're pretty cute, follow them on facebook and stuff so you can see cool dogs every day.